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Our number one priority is to answer to the people of Holmes County.


The Holmes County Commissioners number one priority is to answer to the people of Holmes County.

The Commissioners are committed to this priority by maintaining an open and transparent government. The Commissioners are in open session every Monday morning at 10:00 a.m. and the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month except for some holiday weeks. The public is welcome to join the Board of Commissioners in these public sessions at the Old Jail 2 Court Street Millersburg, Ohio 44654. Check the calendar for upcoming meetings dates and times. 

Community Oversight

The Board of County Commissioners prepares and administers the overall county budget, is the county’s contracting authority, and develops and adopts policies for the administration of county services. The Board utilizes a business approach to guide their decision process. The Commissioners implement laws and rules put forth by state agencies and the legislature.
The Commissioners directly oversee the County Home, Job & Family Services, the Dog Warden’s office, Solid Waste, Buildings & Grounds, and Waste Water Treatment Department. These department responsibilities include the liability and licensing of all county buildings, parking lots, property, and vehicles.
The Commissioners operate, maintain and update six waste service plants under the Rules of the Ohio EPA. With the business philology of this board, these plants are fully funded through hookup and user fees and do not utilize taxpayer money for their operation. The Commissioners also work closely under the EPA rules to monitor the closed landfill for a total of 30 years and take measures to ensure it will never open again.
The commissioners are committed to ensuring our county continues to be a great place to live, work, and raise a family. They accomplish this by ensuring our law enforcement and courts are funded properly to keep all of our residents safe. The commissioners work in partnership with local businesses, villages, and townships to acquire tax abatements and utilities necessary for our economic development.
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